Bang Bang Beruit


A British Secret Service Agent’s attempt to smuggle a young boy King out of a Middle-East country is complicated when the Agent has to involve the assistance of a pair of touring theatre performers. This comedy, written with Tony Hilton in 1965, was very much ‘of is time’ and is not amongst Ray’s regularly performed plays.

CAST 7 men 4 women

No longer available


The play was presented by Brian Rix Enterprises under the title of 'Stand by your Bedouin' at the Garrick Theatre, London on March 15th, 1967 with the following cast

Sir John Spence - Kevin Frazer

An Arab Boy (The King) - Wendy Padbury

Captain Sareed El Dur - Keith James

Lady Tracy Spence - Helen Jessop

Hamid - Andrew Sachs

Eloise - Sheila Mercier

Captain Abu - Alan Tilvern

Arab Soldier - John Newbury

Hubert Wooley - Dennis Ramsden

Fred Florence - Brian Rix

Farina - Anna Dawson

Stan Charrington - Leo Franklyn

Colonel Wzir - Bill Teacher


Directed By - Wallace Douglas