Buckfreepress.co.uk - December 10th, 2006


The Mill at Sonning is giving the gift of comedy this Christmas with a play written by the master of farce, Ray Cooney.
The story for IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY may be simple, but take a dose of human faults and frailties, add a pinch of deception and a dash of confusion and you have the recipe for a perfect cocktail to serve this festive season.
Dr David Mortimore (a familiar Michael Cochrane from a host of TV programmes) is preparing to address a conference of neuro-surgeons with a speech he hopes will ensure him a knighthood.
A visitor arrives – a nurse he had a fling with 18 years ago. Mortimer learns that as a result of their tryst she bore him a son and the teenager is in the hospital looking for him. Rather than accept this parental responsibility, Dr Mortimer hatches a quick plan to pass the boy off as his colleague Dr Hubert Bonney’s son.
From this point on there are more twists than a Thorpe Park roller coaster as other colleagues become involved “with hilarious results” as they say on theatre posters throughout the land.
In this instance it is true. There are hilarious moments from an excellent cast (most notably Richard Derrington as the put-upon Dr Bonney and the wonderful and prolific Jacqueline Clarke as Matron)
It’s a fun play and a perfect one for this setting where the audience is close to the action and space limitations make one well-designed set a necessity. The direction from Ron Aldridge, making a return visit to The Mill, deserves praise as the momentum never lags and the confusion remains firmly on the stage.

Eileen Aspinall