The Stage and Television Today - November 30th, 2006


Christmas is the time for sheer enjoyment and Ray Cooney is expert at providing it. His plays give the cast the opportunity to have so much fun that they are probably unaware of the vast amount of nervous energy being expended.
Michael Cochrane is a much respected doctor, married to Belinda Carroll and about to give a prestigious lecture which could earn him a knighthood. Suddenly, however, he finds himself face to face with his past, in the person of a nurse with whom he had a fling some 18 years ago. Unbeknown to him, their liaison produced a son who has come to the hospital with her to find his father.
Abi Harris is the attractive single mother and Damian Hunt is the son whose performance really takes off when he jumps to the wrong conclusion and throws himself into the arms of his real father’s colleague.
Richard Derrington gives a delightful performance as another doctor caught up in the family cover up, bursting into song and dance and earning well deserved applause.
Patrick Monckton as a wheelchair bound patient is hilarious and one can only hope that Dennis Ramsden, a master of the art of farce, whose mere lift of the eyebrow says it all, will continue along with his wife Christine Russell to be persuaded out of retirement.
Jacqueline Clarke is the formidable Matron who finds herself clinging on to the windowsill while being stabbed with a hypodermic needle. Yes of course it’s crazy but it is delightful entertainment, skilfully directed by Ron Aldridge.

Sheila Tracy