It Runs In The Family


If you are a leading surgeon in London’s most prestigious hospital and you are delivering the “Lecture of the Year” to a hundred of the world’s leading physicians, the last thing you want is a distraught mistress from 20 years ago turning up.
Well Dr. Mortimer can cope with that, but when the erstwhile mistress says that the result of their past union was a baby boy, he is more than gobsmacked. And when the ex-mistress then tells him that the baby boy, now a strapping sixteen-year old, is waiting outside to be introduced, there is only one course of action – send for faithful friend, Dr. Bonney.
Typical Cooney complications ensue involving a police sergeant, Dr. Mortimor’s wife, a severe hospital matron and Dr. Bonney’s mother, although why Dr. Bonney has to impersonate both matron and Al Jolson is too complicated to explain here.

CAST 6 men 5 women

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First performed at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre Guildford on the 21st November 1987 with the following cast;


Dr David Mortimore - John Quayle

Dr Mike Connolly - Peter Blake

Rosemary Mortimore - Wanda Ventham

Dr Hubert Bonney - Ray Cooney

Matron - Charmian May

Sir Willoughby Drake - Dennis Ramsden

Jane Tate - Una Stubbs

Sister - Ginni Barlow

Leslie - Ian McCurrach

Police Sergeant- Bill Pertwee

Bill - Derek Royle



Directed By - Ray Cooney

Subsequently produced at the Playhouse Theatre, London on the 17th August 1992 with the following cast;


Dr David Mortimore - John Quayle

Dr Mike Connolly - Michael Fenner

Rosemary Mortimore - Wanda Ventham

Dr Hubert Bonney - Ray Cooney

Matron - Jacqueline Clarke

Sir Willoughby Drake - Dennis Ramsden

Jane Tate - Sandra Dickinson

Sister - Jennifer Hill

Leslie - William Harry

Police Sergeant - Windsor Davies

Bill - Henry McGee

Mother - Doris Hare


Directed By - Ray Cooney