Move Over Mrs Markham


"A riot. The laughter hit of the year...I never stopped laughing. " - The People


"The dialogue is risque and amusing...Splendid!" - London Sunday Express


"You're a riot Mrs. M.... A slick, frantic riot of an evening." - Daily Sketch


Sonning 2018


Judy Buxton 

Una Byrne

Mark Curry

Elizabeth Elvin

Andrew Hall

Jeffrey Holland

Delme Thomas

Finty Williams

Rebecca Witherington


Linda Lodge




Philip Markham


Olive Harriett Smythe


Henry Lodge


Walter Pangbourne


Alistair Spenlow


Joanna Markham


Miss Wilkinson

Written By

Directed By

Set Design

Costume Design

Lignting Designer






Ray Cooney & John Chapman 

Ray Cooney

Jackie Dougan

Natalie Titchener

Matthew Bliss