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My Giddy Aunt

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Once more there is a marvellous leading role for someone to portray more than one role. An actress this time and she plays an eccentric, domineering Dowager Duchess and her twin sister, a down-to- earth cockney charlady

The piece is set in India and , although it has all the laughs you’d expect from a Cooney-Chapman comedy, there are twists a-plenty in this spoof of a thriller.



CAST 5 men 2 women




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First performed at the Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton on the 25th September 1967 with the following cast;


Rahmu - Garry Taylor

Basil Landau - John Shorter

Jeremy Eppingham - Gerald Moon

Martin Eppingham - Kevin Smith

Lady Hester Eppingham - Carole Allen

Miss Vana Lupitya - Mary Mitchell

Beatrice Horrocks - Carole Allen


Directed By Ronnie Scott-Dodd

Subsequently produced at the Savoy Theatre, London on the 20th June 1968 with the following cast;


Houseboy - Roger Carey

Rahmu - Manning Wilson

Basil Landau - Peter Gray

Jeremy Eppingham - Guy Slater

Martin Eppingham - Charles Stapley

Lady Hester Eppingham - Irene Handl

Miss Vanba Lupitya - Margo Johns

Beatrice Horrocks - Irene Handl


Directed By - Wallace Douglas

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