Run For Your Wife


"Run for Your Wife should run for life!" - Sunday Express


"A frolic? It is much more than that, it is a triumph. The brilliance of the structure, the imaginative joy, the scope for comic acting... put this entertainment at the top of the hardest of all theatrical tree to climb - that of farce." - Daily Telegraph


"Treasure the moments of pure farce" - the Times


"... a perfect example of British farce." - Daily Mail


"Virtually continuous laughter." - The New York Post


"Audiences will enjoy the show tremendously." - The New York Daily News


"A laugh a minute!" - WABC-Radio


"I was exhausted from laughing so hard." - WMCA-Radio






Ray Cooney’s film version of his multi-award winning, record-breaking stage play, 
‘RUN FOR YOUR WIFE’ continues to play with great success at cinemas around the 
UK and is still receiving many new bookings going forward into April.

Ray Cooney is thrilled, but not surprised, that the film is proving so popular everywhere it’s playing and that word of mouth is spreading.  The secret is partly due to the film’s release strategy which was not only to appeal to the vast number of fans of the main cast – Danny Dyer, Sarah Harding, Denise Van Outen and Neil Morrissey – but also to target audiences that already knew and loved the original stage version. 


With this in mind, the film was booked to play at Odeon, Empire and Showcase cinemas’ special “senior” screenings and, such has been the success of ‘RUN FOR YOUR WIFE’ at these performances, that, in a rare turn of events, the film has massively increased its early box office take, turning its fortune around.

Commented Ray Cooney:  “I am delighted with the way the film is performing.  It was always our intention to target the ‘silver surfer’ generation, as, over the years, this is a market that has all too often been neglected.  We were aware that in recent times with films such as ‘Quartet’ and ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ there has been a major growth in this particular area and built our marketing campaign based around this demographic.


When the film first opened we appeared very much the
underdog but, with our typically British bulldog spirit, we have emerged triumphant and demonstrated that there is an audience out there that needs to be catered for. ‘RUN FOR YOUR WIFE’ has proved that it’s definitely the people’s choice.


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