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A farce, when written and performed correctly, is one of the most rewarding forms of comedy that has literally been around for centuries. We laugh at the recognizable exaggerations of life and watch as the hero continues to dig a hole larger and larger for himself to climb out of as he/she lies, adds one lie to cover for that lie, then another lie to cover for that lie, etc., until the play finally comes to a conclusion when we have the moment of truth from the hero confessing his/her series of lies. If you enjoy laughter then you will no doubt enjoy the current farce, Tom, Dick and Harry now being presented with considerable skill in a production at International City Theatre (ICT) where you will exit the theatre in a jovial mood. 
Tom and Linda are a couple without child. When we meet them they are preparing for an interview with Mrs. Potter from the adoption agency. The problems start when Tom gets unsolicited help from his brothers Dick and Harry. Their hearts are in the right place, but their schemes force Tom into that initial lie. As the plot slips further down the ditch of lies, we meet Armenian refugees, a befuddled policeman, a Russian Mafioso, and poor Mrs. Potter, who gets more confused every time she re-enters and exits the room. All ends happily at the end, in spite of Harry and Dick, and we leave Tom and Linda as happy a couple as they were at the play’s beginning. 
Playwright Michael Cooney has followed in his father’s footsteps as a writer of farce. Ray Cooney has in the past given us farces like Not Now Darling and Run for Your Wife. Father and son have combined forces here to produce a jigsaw puzzle of a play where all the pieces fit together snuggly.
One can only have the highest praise for the actors in this company, especially the three playing the brothers. Nicolas Levene as Dick and Jaime Tintor as Harry are a sincere duo who mean well, but continue to muddle up the proceedings with each idea. They are a delight to watch. However, the evening more than belongs to Brian Stanton as Tom. Being on stage for almost the entire time, Stanton combines brilliant comic timing skills with physicality that is a marvel to watch. He was a pleasure to watch every moment he was on stage.
ICT continues to present outstanding theatre right in our back yard. Tom, Dick and Harry was the last show for this season. Their announced next season will present the musical Cabaret, the comedy Park Your Car in the Harvard Yard, the drama The Sweepers, the comedy/drama Frankie and Johnny in the Claire de Lune, and the dramatization of John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath. When one looks are the polished productions that ICT presented last year, including this one of Tom, Dick and Harry, one can only look forward with anticipation for this next season. 


Larry Blake