Sunday Times - August 28th, 2005


Ray Cooney, grand master of English farce, has written this one with his offspring, Michael. The piece is remarkably topical, its subjects including house prices, illegal immigrants, alcohol-smuggling, adoption problems and the dark doings of NHS hospitals with body parts. Surely all this requires men of an extraordinary, perhaps demented, imagination and efficiency to turn it into a functioning farce. The Cooneys are those men; and Cooney pere’s own direction, nimble and witty, seals their success. The play, which is even funnier than the Conservative party’s fumblings to find a new leader, features the actor brothers McGann – Joe, Stephen and Mark. There’s a fourth brother, Paul, but to have him would have spoilt the title. The two Cooneys and the three McGanns have a terrific time, and so will you.
The first half-hour needs tightening up, but the whole thing is hilarious, daft and utterly irresistable.