Will Call for Theatre & Film - October 31st, 2007


Ray Cooney's name is synonymous with laughter (think Run for Your Wife which is probably playing in several English speaking countries at this moment). He has teamed up with his screen writer son Michael, to script this hilarious farce which is breaking up local audiences. It may not be everyone's cup of English tea but if you love British humor and need some cheering up, don't miss this one. Tom Kenmore, (the inimitably lithe and limber Brian Stanton) and his wife Linda, (the comely Christy Hall), whom, if she pitched her voice any higher, only a dog could hear, are about to adopt a baby. They want to make a good impression on the agency worker Mrs. Potter (an ideally cast Kerry Michaels) but Tom's rascally brothers Dick (Nicholas Levene) and Harry (Jaime Tintor), arrive at this inopportune time to disrupt the household. And do they ever! Into this melee pops a suspicious constable (the priceless Max Foyer) and off we go on a merry-go-round of mishaps. The physical comedy is as broad as Trafalgar Square and played strictly for laughs, especially the antics of the goofy "uncle" (Lou Briggs) and his granddaughter (Jaime Andrews), two refugees from Kosovo. The rapid-fire zingers, sometimes a little naughty but never vulgar, are hysterical if not always easy to catch. Under the direction of Todd Nielsen, the timing is as accurate as Swiss clockworks. The smart living room design is by Matthew D. Egan.