Howard Goldberg


Dear Sirs,

My wife Linda and I have just had the great experience on Valentine Day of enjoying the wonderful production TWICE UPON A TIME. There is no doubt that this show is going to be a very successful hit show in New York and London. I was so impressed with the quality of the entire production including Set Design, Choreography, the technical areas of Sound and Lighting, Stage Production, the Orchestra and the wonderful Broadway quality Cast. 

The entire cast was fantastic but I must say that Brandon Michael Perkins was unbelievable! He is literally on stage during almost every minute of the show. He was phenomenal! 

James, you and your team should be so proud of the professional production of this show that is going to be such a great success. Congratulations to Ray Cooney for his great talent in creating this production and directing it so well.

I was so thrilled at the shows this season consisting of 3 of my all time favorite shows. I did not know anything about Twice Upon A Time as it is a World Premiere production, wow were we blown away! I am passing the word and I have great hope and vision of this being a huge success that premiered at the wonderful Civic Light Opera of South Bay Cities.

Most sincerely,

Howard Goldberg
Torrance, CA