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It's Her Turn Now - Reviews

West End Best Friend


There are some very funny moments throughout the show, delivered by an able cast, but it is Felicity Duncan as Georgia and James Holmes as The Waiter who really carry the comedy of the piece, both with impeccable timing and excellent physicality which brings an extra layer of humour to their characters.

                 – Reviewed by Sarah Brown

Maidenhead Advertiser


Phew! if you’re exhausted and confused after reading that, imagine how I felt after watching this frantic farce, written by the King of British farce, Ray Cooney, and adapted by Michael J Barfoot.


Reviewed by Terry Adlam



The cast features several regular favourites to the Mill: Elizabeth Elvin as the devious junior minister kept up her high energy performance from start to finish.

The show was arguably stolen by Felicity Duncan playing the minister’s assistant Georgia, who does her best to cover up her boss’s increasingly far-fetched indiscretions and fabrications while acquiring quite a number of amorous suitors.


 Reviewed by Phil Creighton

London Theatre 1


The political backdrop seems fitting for a show about deceptions and lying, and this amusing and absorbing production provides a couple of hours of joyous escapism.


                     – Reviewed by Chris Omaweng

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