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World Rights Info Requirements

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To enable the Agents to issue licences more effectively, please make sure that you furnish the following details when applying for permission to produce a play;


1.   Status: Professional/Amateur.

2.   Country in which the play is to be performed.

3.   Language in which the play is to be performed.

4.   Name of Producing Company.

5.   Address of Producing Company.

6.   Contact Name.

7.   Telephone and Fax Number

8.   Email Address

9.   Title of Play

10. Name of Theatre where play is to be performed.

11. Number of performances

12. Dates of performances

13. Seating capacity of theatre

14. Average price of ticket

All Enquiries to Michael Barfoot
Ray Cooney Plays
Tel. No. +44(0)1732 867405


Please Note


NOTHING in our licences (for the plays written by Ray Cooney or Michael Cooney) gives the right to Film, Video or Audio record a performance. A seperate agreement can be applied for in writing, for Archive records only (NOT for public exhibition) and such applications will not be reasonably refused. However, placing any excerpts on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc is likely to be in contravention of the copyright laws and possibly a criminal offence.


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