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Son Michael

Son, Michael, co-wrote 'Tom, Dick & Harry' with Ray. 'Unique' says Ray "During the initial writing period Michael was in LA, I was in Epping and we never met!

All the discussions and writing took place on the phone and via e-mail. Never a cross word!'


Apart from writing movie & TV scripts, son Michael hs written several stage plays including;


Cash on Delivery

1 set
6 Male, 4 Female

Enjoying success both in Europe and all across the United States, Michael Cooney’s riotous farce has all the ingredients for rib tickling hilarity!

Eric Swan (aided by his Uncle George and unknown to his wife, Linda) has pocketed thousands of pounds through fraudulent social security claims. When Norman Bassett (the lodger) opens the door to Mr. Jenkins (the social security inspector), deceptive mayhem follows – as do the undertaker, a bereavement counsellor, a psychiatrist, Norman’s fiancée, a corpse, the ominous Ms Cowper and a rather frantic washing machine! This fast paced comedy offers a colourful selection of character roles.

‘… this superb farce…’ said Charles Spencer of the London Daily Telegraph, ‘…I found myself snorting like a demented whale… Cash on Delivery strikes me as being an instant classic of the genre.’

For English-speaking Amateur Rights and Professional Repertory Rights please contact
Samuel French Ltd

For all other Professional and Foreign language rights please contact
Ray Cooney Plays
Tel/Fax: 01732 867405 (from Overseas +44 1732 867405)

Point of Death


1 multiple set
6 Male, 3 Female

Simon Cable awakes in a mysterious hospital, the result of a failed murder attempt on his life, to discover that he has partial amnesia – he cannot remember the past two years of his life. He doesn’t know his wife or the woman who says she’s his lover, he doesn’t know why he was in a remote part of the country and he doesn’t know who would want him dead.
Add to this a hospital with a ghostly legend, more special stage effects than most musicals and you have a chilling night in the theatre.

For all Rights please contact
Ray Cooney Plays
Tel/Fax: 01732 867405 (from Overseas +44 1732 867405)

The Dark Side


1 multiple set
3 Male, 1 Female

Caroline Walker is about to be convicted for the murder of her husband, Peter. She’s sends for Doctor Ellis, a hypnotherapist, to unlock the events of the night of the killing…but Doctor Ellis unlocks much more that that…it appears that Caroline has two sets of memories, one that recalls Peter as the loving husband she thought he was, but another set of memories has Peter as a hateful, drunken wife-beater. Which memory is real? And if Caroline has two pasts, maybe she has two presents as well. Can you work out what’s real in this terrifying tale of murder and deceit?
This twisting thriller uses a brilliant three-set design and devious stage trickery helps it to move seamlessly through Caroline’s memories – the actor playing Doctor Ellis is also required to play all three male roles in the first act.


For all Rights please contact
Ray Cooney Plays
Tel/Fax: 01732 867405 (from Overseas +44 1732 867405)




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