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Theatre Royal, Windsor, Programme

Although better known as a comedy playwright (his eighteen London and International hits include Run For Your Wife, Funny Money, It Runs in the Family, Out of Order, Two into One, Not Now Darling [with John Chapman], Move Over Mrs. Markham [with John Chapman] and Wife Begins at 40), Ray has been acting since he left school at 14.


Apart from starring in his own plays in London, America and Australia. Ray has appeared in many other productions including a year in the famous The Mousetrap.

Ray has also found the time to direct more than twenty London and International stage productions, produce thirty West End plays and musicals and, in 1983, create Britain’s 'Theatre of comedy'


Many of Ray's work have been filmed or televised and Ray played leading roles in the movies of Not Now Darling and Chase Me comrade and the BBC TV production of Wife Begins at 40.


Recently the movie rights of Out of Order were bought by Andy Vajna and Mario Kasser who have asked Ray to write the screenplay. In addition, 20th Century Fox have optioned Run for Your Wife and The Grief Company start filming Funny Money later this year. Ray says "'Hollywood is fun as long as you don't take it too seriously'. By this he means his heart is really in the theatre.


PS. Neither Out of Order nor Run For Your Wife were made. However in 2013, I directed the movie Run For Your Wife here - critics panned it, Audiences adored it! Ray

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