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Charlie Girl

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Ray’s first musical comedy production premiered in the West End of London at the Adelphi Theatre on 15th December 1965 and became one of the most successful theatre shows of the day, playing for 2202 performances, closing on 27th March 1971


The Original stars were Joe Brown (Joe Studholme), Christine Holmes (Charlie Hadwell), Anna Neagle (Lady Hadwell), Derk Nimmo (Nicholas Wainwright), Hy Hazell (Kay Connor), Jean Lloyd, Grant Mostyn and Stuart Damon (Jack Connor)


Co-written with Hugh and Margaret Williams.

Currently Withdrawn

Pete - Terry Skelton

Fred - Alan Angel

Jerry - Roy Francis

Sam - Bill Bradley

Fiona - Bridget McConnel

Penelope - Olivia Hamnett

Four Suspicious Characters - Ronald Rich, Tony Oakman, Fred Haggerty, Glenn Willcox.

Lady Hadwell - Anna Neagle

Charlie - Christine Holmes

Nicholas Wainwright - Derek Nimmo

Joe - Joe Brown

John Sasaki - David Toguri

Jack Connor - Peter Regan

Mrs Connor - Hy Hazell


Directed By - Ray Cooney

Dancers - Heather Beckers, Brenda Crippen, Sally Graham, Kim Leon, Elizabeth Mills, Anthea Slatter, Hal Davis, George Nichol, Denis Morrisey, Brian Jaysmith, John Walsh, Ralph Wood.


Singers - Doreen Croft, Valerie Griffiths, Beryl Hall, Leonie Jessel, Wendy Jones, Jane Walters, Ian Calvin, Peter Dalton, Alan Guiness, Richard Hazell, Alan Thomas.


Conductor - Kenneth Alwyn

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