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Move Over Mrs Markham

Move Over Mrs Markham.jpg

Mr and Mrs Markham have only one bedroom in their apartment. Against his better judgement, Mr Markham allows his friend, Mr Lodge, to borrow the bedroom for one evening to engage in a romance with Miss Wilkinson. Against her better judgement, Mrs Markham allows Mrs Lodge to borrow the bedroom for an evening with Walter. Against her better judgement, the maid allows the interior decorator to persuade her to spend an evening with him in the Markham’s bedroom. Oh, yes – it’s the same evening!

CAST 4 men 5 women

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First performed at the Richmond Theatre, on the 21st July 1969 with the following cast;


Joanna Markham - Virginia Stride

Alistair Spenlow - Simon Brent

Sylvie - Sandra Fehr

Linda Lodge - Angeka Browne

Philip Markham - Ray Cooney

Henry Lodge - William Franklyn

Walter Pangbourne - John Clegg

Olive Harriet Smythe - Carole Allen

Miss Wilkinson - Caroline Seymour


Directed By - Ray Cooney

Subsequently produced at the Vaudeville Theatre, London on the 17th March 1971 with the following cast;


Joanna Markham - Moira Lister

Alistair Spenlow - Trevor Bannister

Sylvie - Susan Edmonstone

Linda Lodge - Lana Morris

Philip Markham - Tony Britton

Henry Lodge - Terrence Alexander

Walter Pangbourne - Bryan Coleman

Olive Harriet Smythe - Cicely Courtnidge

Miss Wilkinson - Ann Kennedy


Directed By - Ray Cooney

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