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Not Now Darling

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Gilbert Bodley is determined to give his girlfriend a mink coat. There is a problem – Gilbert is married. Another problem – the girlfriend is married. So Gilbert persuades her best friend, Arnold, to assist in a devious plot – which produces more problems. NOT NOW DARLING was the first of many international hits from Ray and John Chapman.


CAST 5 men 6 women




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First performed at the Richmond Theatre on 18th September 1967 with the following cast;


Gilbert Bodley - Rex Garner

Arnold Crouch - Ray Cooney

Miss Whittington - Pamela Merrick

Miss Tipdale- Stephanie Cole

Harry McMichael - Ian Gardiner

Janie McMichael - Lynda Baron

Sue Lawson - Lisa Peake

Maude Bodley - Mary Allen


Directed By - Maurice Stewart

Subsequently produced at the Strand Theatre, London on the 12th June 1968 with the following cast;


Miss Whittington - Ann Sidney

Arnold Crouch  - Bernard Cribbins

Miss Tipdale - Carmel McSharry

Mrs Frencham - Pearl Hackney

Gilbert Bodley - Donald Sinden

Commander Frencham - Tom Gill

Harry McMichael - Brian Wilde

Janie McMichael - Jill Melford

Sue Lawson - Shirley Stelfox

Maude Bodley - Mary Kenton

Mr Lawson - David Hargreaves


Directed By - Patrick Cargill

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