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One For The Pot

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One would imagine that it’s not difficult to give £10,000 to the son of your deceased best friend. The problem for Mr. Hardcastle is that he didn’t know his best friend had four sons – and that they were identical quadruplets! And he didn’t expect all four (now grown up) to arrive on his doorstep at the same time, claiming the money.

Ray’s first play and in collaboration with Tony Hilton, offers a wonderful leading role for the young comedy actor playing the four identical quadruplets – an innocent simple lad, a sophisticated man–of-the-world, an Irish rogue and a suave Frenchman. The actor also gets to play...but that would be giving too much away. Its original London production ran for four and a half years.


CAST 7 men 4 women



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First performed at the Richmond Theatre on 2nd Nov 1959 with the following cast;


Jugg - Ivor Salter

Cynthia Hardcastle - Hazel Douglas

Jonathan Hardcastle - Malcolm Russell

Clifton Weaver - Aubrey Woods

Arnold Piper - Derek Tansley

Charlie Barnet - Raymond Dyer

Hickory Wood- Ray Cooney

Winnie - Edna Hopcroft


Produced By - Jack Williams

Produced by Rix Theatrical Productions at the Whitehall Theatre, London on 2nd Aug 1961 with the following cast;


Jugg - Leo Franklyn

Cynthia Hardcastle - Helen Jessop

Amy Hardcastle - Sheila Mercier

Jonathan Hardcastle- Terry Scott

Clifton Weaver - Peter Mercier

Arnold Piper - Larry Noble

Charlie Barnett - Basil Lord

Hickory Wood - Brian Rix

Winnie - Hazel Douglas

Guests - Jeanne Cook, Robert Checksfield, Pearson Dodd, Stuart Sherwin, Gerald Dawson


Directed By - Henry Kendall

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