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Out of Order

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Out of Order Tour - 2017

This sequel to TWO INTO ONE finds Richard Willey in the Westminster hotel once again. It’s a different young lady this time but a far worse problem arises – in the shape of a dead body stuck in the window of their suite. As Richard shouldn’t be with the young lady in the first place he can’t report the body to either the hotel management or the police so (foolish fellow) he, once more, enlists the aid of George Pigden. Richard’s wife, the wily waiter and the suspicious hotel manager from TWO INTO ONE are again on hand to add to the mayhem which includes a private detective (where did he come from?) and George’s mother’s nurse (where did she come from?)

OUT OF ORDER won London’s Lawrence Olivier Award for “Comedy of the Year” and went on to be another world-wide hit.


CAST 6 men 4 women



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Tel/Fax 01732 867405 (from Overseas +44 1732 867405)

First performed at the Thorndike, Leatherhead on the 8th May 1990 with the following cast;


The Manager - John Pennington

Richard Willey MP - Bruce Montague

The Waiter - Robert Fyfe

The Maid - Sally Kinghorn

Jane Worthington - Judy Buxton

A Body - David Warwick

George Pigden - Ray Cooney

Ronnie Worthington - Michael Fenner

Pamela Willey - Wanda Ventham


Directed By - Ray Cooney

Subsequently produced at the Shaftsbury Theatre, London on the 28th September 1990 with the following cast;


Richard Willey - Donald Sinden

The Manager - Dennis Ramsden

The Waiter - Brian Murphy

Jane Worthington - Sandra Dickinson

A Body - David Warwick

George Pigden - Michael Williams

The Maid - Pamela Cundell

Ronnie Worthington - Michael Fenner

Pamela Willey - Wanda Ventham

Gladys - Jacqueline Clarks


Directed By - Ray Cooney

8th to 11th Mar

Yvonne Arnaud - Guildford

20th to 25th Mar

Theatre Royal - Brighton

27th to 1st Apr

Marlowe Theatre - Canterbury

3rd to 8th Apr

Richmond Theatre - Richmond

10th to 15th Apr

New Alexandra Theatre - Birmingham

17th to 22nd Apr

Theatre Royal - Glasgow

2nd to 6th May

Hall For Cornwall - Truro

8th to 13th May

Malvern Theatre - Malvern

15th to 20th May

New Theatre - Cardiff

22nd to 27th May

Theatre Royal - Newcastle

29th to 3rd Jun

Opera House - Manchester

5th to 10th Jun

Orchard Theatre - Dartford

14th to 17th Jun

Lyceum Theatre - Sheffield

19th to 24th Jun

Churchill Theatre - Bromley

26th to 1st Jul

New Theatre - Oxford

3rd to 8th Jul

Grand Theatre - Swansea

10th to 15th Jul

Palace Theatre - Southen

17th to 22nd Jul

Theatre Royal - Nottingham

Quote from Ray


“Having directed my Olivier Award – Winning play in London and all over the world, and hearing all that wonderful raucous laughter from audiences, it has become one of my favourite plays. I’ve up-dated it to present day and fortunately the basic premise of a philandering MP is as likely today as it was when the play was originally written!”



George Pigden - Shaun Williamson

Pamela Willey - Sue Holderness

Richard Willey - Jeffrey Harmer

Jane Worthington - Susie Amy

The Waiter - James Holmes

The Manager - Arthur Bostrom

Gladys - Elizabeth Elvin

Ronnie - Jules Brown

The Body - David Warwick

Writer/Director - Ray Cooney OBE

A Tom O'Connell Production

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