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Run For Your Man
Adapted by Michael Barfoot

Run For Your Man Poster.jpg

Jackie Smith is a taxi driver and very ordinary - except that she has two husbands. She has a husband and a perfect existence in Streatham and a husband and a perfect existence in Wimbledon. And she flits between Streatham and Wimbledon - over a distance of only 2 miles - like an over sexed rabbit. This could have gone on forever except that one day a policewoman....but that would be giving the game away.

Reviews: "it was funny that my tummy started to hurt from laughter", "it's really a great comedy"

Cast 4 men 4 women

One Set

All enquiries to Ray Cooney Plays -

First performed at the Teatr Bagatela, Krakow, Poland under the title "Mayday Odnowa"on the 17th September 2021 with the following cast

Mark Smith - Marcel Wiercichowski

Barry Smith - Jakub Bohosiewicz

Jackie Smith - Ewelina Starejki

Inspector Troughton - Malgorzata Piskorz

Stella Gardener - Anna Rokita

Newspaper Reporter - Joanna Jaworska

Inspector Porterhouse - Marek Bogucki

Bobby Frankyln - Piotr Urbaniak


Directed By - Artur Barcis


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