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There Goes The Bride

There Goes The Bride.jpg

Timothy Westerby is overworked, underpaid, stressed-out, and his daughter is getting married in what he thinks is an overly-lavish and overly-expensive ceremony. Timothy is ripe for a nervous breakdown – and, on the morning of the wedding, he has one! It takes the form of ‘Polly’, the most gorgeous, voluptuous girl who just wants to give herself to Timothy – the pity is, she’s an apparition. The fact is, of course not apparent to Timothy who is convinced that Polly is totally real and is delighted to have this sexy guest at the wedding. Timothy’s wife, his mother-in-law, his daughter and the groom’s parents take a different view!


CAST 4 men 4 women




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First performed at the Palace Theatre, Westcliff on Sea on the 19th June 1973 under the original title Come Back To My Place with the following cast;


Ursula Westerby - Elspeth Gray

Judy Westerby - Susan Holderness

Dr Gerald Drimmond - Geoffrey Sumner

Bill Shorter - Maurice Kaufmann

Timothy Westerby - Ray Cooney

Virginia Jones - Trudi Van Doorn

Daphne Drimmond - Nan Munrow

Charles Babcock - Tom Chatto


Directed By - John Chapman

Subsequently produced at the Criterion Theatre, London on the 7th October 1974 with the following cast;


Ursula Westerby - Jane Downs

Judy Westerby - Marguerite Hardiman

Dr Gerald Drimmond - Geoffrey Sumner

Bill Shorter - Terance Alexander

Timothy Westerby - Bernard Cribbins

Polly Perkins - Trudi Van Doorn

Daphne Drimmond - Peggy Mount

Charles Babcock - Bill Pertwee


Directed By - Jan Butlin

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