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Tom, Dick and Harry

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Tom and his wife are adopting a baby. It’s the happiest day of their lives – or it would have been if Tom’s brothers, Dick and Harry, hadn’t decided to help.

The result of Dick and Harry’s ‘assistance’ produces two illegal immigrants, a dead body and a van load of contraband cigarettes. 

With the arrival of the Supervisor from the Adoption Agency and the local Police Constable Tom’s ingenuity is stretched to the limit. But things couldn’t get worse, could they? Oh, yes they could!

The ever-helpful plans of Dick and Harry continue to go haywire and, in addition to the immigrants, the cigarettes and the dead body, they further lumber Tom with a Russian Mafia Mobster and a reality TV programme. Then it starts to get complicated!!


CAST 6 men 3 women



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First performed at the Theatre Royal, Windsor on the 21st October with the following cast;


Tom Kerwood - Bradley Walsh

Linda Kerwood - Jenny Funnell

Dick Kerwood - Joe Pasquale

Harry Kerwood - Richard Gauntlett

Katerina - Sarah Wateridge

Andreas - Royce Mills

Constable Downs - Jeffrey Holland

Mrs Potter - Louise Jameson

Boris - David Warwick


Directed By - Ray Cooney

Subsequently produced at the Duke of York's Theatre, London on the 10th August 2005 with the following cast;


Tom Kerwood - Joe McGann

Linda Kerwood - Hannah Waterman

Dick Kerwood - Stephen McGann

Harry Kerwood - Mark McGann

Andreas - Brian Greene

Katerina - Sarah Wateridge

Constable Downs - Mark Wingett

Mrs Potter - Louise Jameson

Boris - David Warwick


Directed By - Ray Cooney

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