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Two Into One

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If you are a Cabinet Minister in the government it is not easy to arrange to spend a night in a London hotel with a young lady. The problem is not so much that the Minister and the young lady are both married (not to each other obviously!) but that the young lady is the personal secretary to the Leader of the Opposition.

Richard Willey (the Cabinet Minister) makes the mistake of enlisting the assistance of his own secretary, George Pigden. Before the end of the evening George’s intervention has resulted in Richard’s wife and the young lady’s husband turning up at the hotel. Add to this a wily waiter, a suspicious hotel manager and a puritanical Member of Parliament and you have all the ingredients of a Cooney comedy which made it the hit of the year both in London and Paris.


CAST 5 men 3 women 3 walk-ons




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First performed at the Haymarket Theatre, Leicester on the 19th March 1981 with the following cast;


Pamela Willey - Jan Walters

Richard Willey - Richard Coleman

Chambermaid - Alexandra Chevitch

Waiter - Derek Royle

George Pigden - Ray Cooney

Manager - Anthony Sharp

Lily Chatterton - Sheila Burrell

Jennifer Bristow - Debbi Blythe

Edward - Nick Field

Other Guests - James Williams, Harriet Ray, Kim Shadrake, Amanda Hendry, Christopher Terry


Directed By - Roger Redfarn

Subsequently produced at the Shaftsbury Theatre, London on the 19th October 1984 with the following cast;


Pamela Willey - Barbara Murray

Richard Willey - Donald Sinden

Receptionist - Ginni Barlow

Waiter - Derek Royle

George Pigden - Michael Williams

Manager - Lionel Jeffries

Lily Chatterton - Jane Downs

Maria - Carolyn Allen

Jennifer Bristow - Linda Heyden

Edward - Martin Connor

Other Guests - Christopher Chittell, Henry Tomlinson, Anthony Verner, Lorna Calleny, Maxine Daniels.


Directed By - Ray Cooney

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