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Why Not Stay For Breakfast

Why Not Stay For Braekfast.jpg

One critic said of this delightful comedy, “Lots of laughter and a few tears”.

George, a hardened bachelor in his late thirties, is preparing dinner for himself in his apartment when there’s a knock at the door. It’s Louise, a seventeen-year-old “hippie” girl who’s walked out on her boyfriend from the apartment above and wants to borrow the money for her train fare back home. George is horrified – not at the request for finance but by the fact that Louise is, quite clearly, 9 months pregnant. Before the evening is out George has delivered the feisty Louise’s baby and his life will never be the same again.



CAST 2 men 1 woman 3 walk-ons




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First performed at the Palace Theatre, Westcliff on Sea in July 1970 with the following cast;


George Clarke - Ray Cooney

Louise Hamilton - Liz Edmiston

Jimmy - Ralph Arliss


Directed By - Ray Cooney

Subsequently produced at the Apollo Theatre, London on the 12th December 1973 with the following cast;


George Clarke - Derek Nimmo

Louise Hamilton - Katy Manning

Davey - Sam Sewell

Hippy Boy - Edward Duke

Hippy Girl - Susan Holderness


Directed By - Ray Cooney

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